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Lifeland – a safe place to explore emotions


Children need to know it's normal to have feelings, EVERYBODY in the world does. The important thing is learning how to identify and express feelings in a safe and healthy way.

Lifeland is the map of emotions created by Kay Brophy, a psychologist and creative therapist who specialises in working with children and families. 

Children are facing greater emotional pressures than ever before and it's up to us to help them find their way.

Our Finding Your Way books and resources are tools to help parents and carers guide children through their emotional world and to help teachers deliver the curriculum through the context of mental health and well-being.

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Having worked therapeutically with children and families in schools for nearly 20 years, Kay identified a need for resources that focused on the six main human emotions of sadness, fear, happiness, surprise, anger and disgust. 

She collaborated with artist Katy Boys to create a series of beautifully illustrated children’s books set in fictional Lifeland. The books follow six characters who are each struggling to understand an emotion.

They take the reader on a journey around Lifeland where, with a bit of help from a friend, the loveable characters manage to work through their feelings and understand why they felt, and reacted, the way they did. The Lifeland map is at the front of each book to help children visualise how the characters are feeling.

Watch our short video to find out more and meet our founder, Kay  

In Homes

In Homes

All parents want to help their children navigate their emotions - their fears, their sadness. Our bright and colourful books ensure bedtime stories are just as powerful as they are enjoyable. Each book contains notes in the back, to help parents and carers utilise the messages in the story.

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In Schools

In Schools

In addition to the books, we have worked with primary school teachers to create over 315 hours worth of unique lessons plans for reception up to Year 6.

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For Homeschooling

For Homeschooling

The books fit into the national curriculum and link to all main subjects so are a great tool for homeschooling.

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Outreach projects & sports

In outreach projects & sports in the community

The books and associated materials can be used for mental health awareness projects in youth centres, sports in the community groups etc.

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