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Buy the Finding Your Way, 'Lifeland' books by Kay Brophy for a fun way to help children understand emotions.

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The Angry Alien

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The Disgusted Dragon

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The Frightened Fairy

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The Happy Hobgoblin

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The Sad Skeleton

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The Surprised Sprite

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Lifeland Map


Each book in the 'Finding Your Way' series introduces us to a character struggling to understand their emotions. They each journey through Lifeland, a magical place where the six BIG feelings of sadness, fear, happiness, anger, disgust and surprise are waiting to be explored. Helping them along their way are their friends and confidants and so the magical adventure begins.

Kay’s aim is to reach children everywhere to help teach them about human emotions, to understand why we have them and how to deal with them. Each book includes excellent professional guidance notes for parents, carers and teachers.

Finding Your Way Series

Each book includes:

  • 'Lifeland' map 
  • Fun characters and stories that link together across the series
  • Rhyme, to assist memory and language learning
  • Stories written from the child's perspective about their worries and anxieties 
  • Opportunities to discuss social and cultural issues affecting children
  • Safe introduction to the ‘big' feelings of sadness, fear, happiness, surprise, anger and disgust
  • Positive confidant role models 
  • Wisdom gained through working directly with children and families in schools
  • Guidance notes for parents and carers

Along with helping with their emotional intelligence, reading with your child just 4 times a week can also help to develop their reading and literacy skills.



A story that will be enjoyed over and over again… children will enjoy the characterization of the skeleton, the quirky illustrations and the good advice about tackling big feelings by talking them through with another person. We recommend this series for helping to develop emotional literacy in a child-friendly way

Helping children deal with 'big feelings' can have a profoundly positive impact on their development, both academic and personal – and sharing specially chosen stories is a way of doing so that’s as gentle as it is powerful

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